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Silk & Satin Body Essentials was founded to bring something different to the body care industry with all new fragrances and an alternate approach to body care. Our products are as natural and close to green as possible. We give you the best since our goal is to be the best.

Featured Products

moisture & shine


Smooth out that beard and give it some shine! Our beard balm will moisturize and soften your beard so it's presentable even between grooming.



An exotic blend of soft aromatic fragrances that is perfect for both men and women.



A sweet and fresh scent that invites those around you to come a little closer.



A moisturizing and revitalizing assortment of hair rejuvenating oil blends intended to quench thirsty hair.

An elegant Full Body Experience


eternia face cream silk and satin body essentials

Face Cream

With soothing moisturizing agents such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, a dime-sized amount of our face cream will soften your skin.


A creamy, moisturizing blend of flora, spice, and earth tones designed to add an extra layer of love for your skin, especially during winter months.


A deliciously fresh way to smooth and soften skin.


A lovely combination of delicate and savory fragrances for your indulgence.


for Women

Packed with essential oils, our body mist provides moisturizing benefits to the skin while highlighting revitalizing scented blends.

darris jordan body spray by silk satin body essentials


for Men

A lightweight body spray that can be spritzed directly onto clothing or your skin for an irresistible scent.

beard Oil

A creamy, moisturizing blend of flora, spice, and earth tones designed to add an extra layer of love for your skin.


A deliciously fresh way to smooth and soften skin.

hair serum

Formulated with natural oils such as black castor oil, neem oil, and grapeseed oil, our hair serum is designed to moisturize and prep the hair for styling.

after shave

A soothing blend of Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil formulated for healthy smooth skin.

Raving Reviews

Two products I have to rave about: The Body Butter & Hair Oil. The Body Butters are silky, smooth, and super moisturizing without being greasy and they smell SO GOOD! "From Heaven" is my favorite one.
Keri B.
The Cucumber & Apple Body Butter and Body Mist... OMG, I love them! They are not overpowering, and since I have sensitive skin, it doesn't break me out. All natural is the way to go.
Kim D.
I have been using Silk & Satin products for more than 3 years and the lotions and butters are the best for my skin type.
Evelyne C
The body souffle' is Amazing.... Whipped and very moisturizing, the smell is rich and aromatic but light enough to layer.
The Hair Oil is the real deal. I have fine, color-processed, natural hair and a lot of products just sit on top of my hair, leaving it feeling weird and dry. BUT Silk & Satin's Hair Oil perfectly moisturizes my hair, literally leaving it soft and truly moisturized to the core, like my hair feels like it had a deep conditioning treatment. Also, it's a great base product to put underneath your gel or curl cream. I encourage both men and women to try this product out!
Keri B.
Silk & Satin body products are by far my favorite body products to use. It's rejuvenating, locks in moisture all day long, gives you that afterglow, smells amazing and just the way it glides on my skin...Mmmmmmm.
Lezlee B.
The body butters and lotions did wonders for my skin, they are extremely moisturizing and they leave a non greasy sheen all day long.
Thea M.
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My go to is the Cucumber & apple body oil. It's the best body oil I've used so far. The quality is good and feels pure. I enjoy using this product. It has helped keep my skin looking it's best. I have finally found a body oil that works for me.
Hakeima M.
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I started using this product religiously at night. The soap calmed the redness on my face and leaves my skin clean but not dry. It has the added bonus of smelling great. I am very happy to add this to my skin routine.
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